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FAQs On Artwork

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  • What is the best way to send my label artwork?
    What is the best way to send my label artwork?

    For fastest turnaround, we recommend that you upload your label artwork to us through our Art Upload Tool. Our preferred file formats are vector type files from design programs like Adobe Illustrator or InDesign.

  • UPC code dimensions
    What should my UPC code dimensions be?

    With UPC code dimensions, the width is more important than the height because the width influences the distance between the bars and how well the scanner’s laser can distinguish between them.
    Nominal size: 1.469″ wide x 1.02″ high
    Minimum size: 80% of the nominal size or 1.175″ wide
    Maximum size: 200% of the nominal size or 2.938″ wide

  • White plate example
    Is white considered a printing color?

    Yes, white is considered a color but whether we print white ink on your custom labels will depend on the label material.

  • Color matching for labels
    Can I send in something for you to color match on press?

    Yes, you can send us something to color match like a previous label, bottle, printed box, etc. Between our pre-press art department and press operators, we can get an exact or very close match. We can recreate and match colors through one of these two printing processes: four color process printing or spot color printing.

  • Exact color match for labels
    How do I get an exact color match for labels?

    When a customer needs an exact color match for labels, we use “spot colors” to achieve the desired effect since they’re able to reproduce colors that are outside the gamut of ‘4 color process’ colors (CMYK = cyan, magenta, yellow, and ‘key’ black). To create spot color inks, we use the Pantone® Matching System (PMS), a standardized color reproduction system. If you don’t have your PMS color, you can research online using the Pantone color finder.

  • UPC barcode on my labels not scanning
    Why is the UPC barcode on my labels not scanning?

    Assuming that your scanner isn’t broken, there are several possible reasons why the UPC barcode on your labels isn’t scanning: the size, resolution, or color contrast of the barcode.

  • Image resolution for labels
    What image resolution should I use for label printing?

    Please note that PNG and GIF files can’t be used to produce quality labels. JPG files must be in CMYK format with a minimum of 300 DPI and no text – the JPG image should solely be for background usage from the original high-res file. You should also use vector art files over raster for label printing.

  • Variable data printing file
    How do I set up a variable data printing file?

    If you have a mail merge, list of barcode numbers, or some other type of variable data, you should use spreadsheet or database software to create your variable data file.

  • Design requirements for label printing
    Are there design requirements for label printing?

    To ensure quality labels, we recommend following our design requirements for label printing and using the appropriate design software. You can download our specs sheet to keep or give to your label designer.

  • Colors on my labels
    Are the colors on my labels going to look different from the design displayed on my screen?

    The colors on your labels can look different from your design for several reasons. Differences in how computer monitors and printers render color mean the label colors you see on your screen may not match the printed labels.