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FAQs On Shrink Sleeves

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  • Label for product pasteurization
    How do I label products that will be hot-filled or pasteurized?

    A label material we use often for these types of products is white pearlescent polypropylene, a semi-conformable film. Often, high-pressure processing is used in place of heat pasteurization for juices and we also have labels that can be used with this process, such as white BOPP film with UV gloss lamination which has excellent moisture resistance.

  • Apply shrink sleeves
    Can I use a blow dryer or heat gun to apply shrink sleeves?

    We don’t recommend applying shrink sleeves with a blow dryer, heat gun, microwave, or shrink wrap tunnel because shrink sleeves need to be applied with a uniform spread of heat.

  • Unique Textures to Shrink Sleeves
    Can I add texture to shrink sleeves?

    Shrink sleeves are a unique print product that makes products stand out – adding texture to them increases the “wow” factor and makes your brand stand out in a sea of competitors. We’re able to add texture to shrink sleeves by using a Rotary Screen Integration (RSI®) system with capabilities to incorporate custom special effects like texture and other creative finishes

  • Tamper evident seal to products
    How can I add a tamper-evident seal to products?

    Tamper-evident seals can be printed in several styles to fit different security and packaging needs. One cost-effective option is to use a blank or custom label and apply it to the product’s cap to show that the product hasn’t been opened. If you’re looking for a higher level of protection, however, we recommend shrink sleeve labels with a perforated seal or shrink bands.